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SPECIAL NOTE : Get your best price possible at HOBBY LOBBY, N. Myrtle Beach, SC

Our painting supply lists will work with Acrylic and Oil with modifications

One may find starter kits for paints and brushes...for around $ 20.00, which are fine too. Be sure to add Ultramarine Blue, and Burnt Umber if not in the kit. Include a larger


The following are larger sizes. and will last longer in long run.

Art Supply List:

  1. Package of panel canvas 16 x 20
  2. “Liquitex” Basics”

Miscellaneous Items – You’ll need all of these.

  1. Kneaded Eraser - ( Gray color - on graphics supplies isle at art supply stores.)
  2. Cloth rags terry cloth towels small size tear into rags make good painting rags AND old clothes, or apron to paint in. 1 small spray bottle at $1 stores.
  3. MOST IMPORTANT Only can get at Walmart "cupcake and devil egg holder" to spread paint in as a covered palette. Others are not as good at keeping paint fresh for weeks. See picture above. I often have them in my car, Contact me to see if I have one for you..
  4. Large coffee container to hold water and to clean brushes in.

Paint: “Liquitex Basics” ” brand acrylic fine art paint in tubes is what I recommend for beginners – the only exceptions to Liquitex Basics are Orange, and Thalo Green Light - substitute Cadmium Orange Burnt Sienna Cadmium Yellow Light

  1. Burnt Umber larger tube
  2. French Ultramarine Blue larger tube
  3. Alizarin Crimson
  4. Cadmium Red Medium
  5. Titanium White Largest tube
  6. Dioxazine Purple
  7. Cerulean blue
  8. Optional: Thalo Yellow-Green
  9. Hooker’s Green \ and Sap Green
  10. Cadmium yellow med
  11. You may buy other colors you like as can afford
  12. You also need Yellow Orchre
  13. They sell starter kits, and those have assorted colors, and if want could add that to the above, however we use these up in one painting usually. Make sure they have Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue

Brushes:There is also an inexpensive assortment of small brushes also get Number Numbers 6, and 10 orange or white bristles

  1. Number 5 Rigger Brush ( a long, thin brush for painting branches of trees and grass. )
  2. Number 4 and 8 Synthetic Brushes
  3. Cheap Brush Set of 10 Brushes
  4. 2 shower curtains, from $ store to cover table and floor
  5. 1 small spray bottle $ store

FOR DRAWING CLASS AND OTHER SUPPLIES for Drawing, Watercolor, OIL Pastels:

  1. Kneaded Eraser - ( Gray color - on graphics supplies isle at art supply stores.)
  2. Ebony ( Dark Gray ) Drawing Pencil. ( on graphic art isle ).
  3. One black and one white charcoal pencil - "General" brand comes in a package ( on graphic art isle ).
  4. Cloth rags or old cloth towels make good painting rags and old clothes, or apron to paint/draw in. In.
  5. A watercolor set, like a tin w a brush
  6. Large or medium container to hold water and to clean brushes in. $1.00 at Dollar stores.
  7. A 12 x 18 approx drawing tablet , if desire also a pad of toned color tablet
  8. Regular number 2 pencils
  9. Color pencils optional
  10. Chalk pastels optional
  11. Black ink India (care , will not wash out}
  12. Pen holder and Crow quill pen tip
  13. A shoe box or similar to hold items
  14. Optional a few Conte crayons in sepia /browns, a white and a black